Residential Roofing Services

    iconBurlington Roofing Specialists is a full service roofing company. Services include all types of shingles, aluminum soffit, fascia. Eaves, custom sheet metal work, skylight installation, as well as all flat roofing needs. Our installations are backed by worry free warranties.
    Burlington Roofing does everything possible to maximize your investment. Our estimating team will inspect all areas of ventilation to ensure a quality, lasting roof. Ventilation and air circulation is assessed for maximum performance and your new roof will be upgraded as we always strive to surpass local building code standards. Every customer and roof is unique at Burlington Roofing. Each project will be given the attention required to maximize its life span.

    Feel free to ask us about…

    - Soffit, fascia, aluminum seamless trough.
    - Cedar shingles.
    - Imitation slate roofing.
    - Custom copper and sheet metal work.
    - Flat roofing and repairs.
    - Skylights.
    - Written specification for your new home build or addition project.


    Roof Replacement

    iconAge is the one cause of roof failure. There are many variables that effect the life span of your roof. The most common issues resulting in roof failure are listed below.

    Proper ventilation is an important component of any roofing system. Poor ventilation results in many different roofing issues. Under ventilated roofs will increase cooling costs in the summer and may promote condensation in the winter. Plywood exposed to extreme heat, moisture or temperature changes will prematurely age and cause deck failure resulting in costly repairs. Ridging and curling of your shingles may be a sign of improper ventilation.

    Wind damage is the result of many factors. Old brittle shingles, improper installation procedure and materials not properly suited for your roof are prone to blow offs. If exposed sheathing is left exposed this may result in water damage to the interior of your and damage to sheathing. Burlington Roofing follows manufacturer’s installation procedures and underlayment requirements to keep you covered in the worst of conditions.

    Water Damage more then often occurring before a home owner notices damages to the interior of their home. Roof sheathing is the first material to be damaged, followed by insulation and lastly, drywall. Common failures such as wind damage, ice damming, and loss of granulars to shingles are often the cause of water damage. Sealant at all metal flashings and accessories is key to a water tight, storm tight roof.


    Roof Repair

    iconBurlington Roofing is dedicated to protecting your investment. We offer roof service when a roof replacement is not required. Our wide range of services will provide you with a water tight exterior. Our experienced service team will assess your roof and advise you of options to make an informed decision whether to repair or replace.

    We offer free roof inspections with immediate repair requirements and long term budgets and solutions to help you maximize the life of your roof.


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Who We Are

Burlington roofing specialists is a full service roofing company specializing in sloped roofing. We provide all your roofing needs in the GTA.
At Burlington Roofing we dedicate ourselves to quality installs at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in the service we provide and the expertise of our installers.

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